Software Development :

SR SOFT SOL to its clients a very rich selection of services for software development.

Our Company important feature is the integrated approach that we offer: our specialists will carry out all operations necessary to obtain the final product.


Our activities are currently as follows:

Software development (selection of optimal technologies, system planning, prototype creation, system implementation, testing, support, producing documentation, design, etc.) Therefore it is possible for our Company to become your sole partner to do all the necessary work for you. In this case the only prerequisite for creating the final product is you supplying us with the initial specifications. For those customers who need some specialized service we will be glad to offer such service exclusively.

Below you can see a detailed list of our services. We hope you will find there everything you need.
Development Our Company is capable to create any kind of software for you - from GUI applications to sophisticated engines and programming complexes. Principal directions of our activities are as follows:
· Research and selection of the optimal technologies
· Research of data domain and creation of detailed specifications for a project
· Creation of prototypes and demo versions
System planning
· System implementation
· Creation of project documentation
· Creation of end-user documentation
· Product support

Main types of products to be created are as follows:
· Client-server applications
· GUI of arbitrary complexity level (including 3D, sound application, etc.)
· Design and development of electronic systems with embedded software using C++, VC++
· Application with sophisticated algorithms
· Image processing applications
· System drivers (VxD, WDM, WinNT Sys drivers)
· Back-end software for web-sites
· High-optimised server software

Internet Based Software Development :
We create systems for operation in Internet (front-end and back-end applications). We are also able to design (and test for reliability and performance) an interaction protocol between client and server. The types of creative work we offer here are the same as for Software Development.

The principal components of the systems to be developed are as follows:
· WinNT/Win2000/Linux/Java server-side software
· Win9X/WinNT/Win2000/Java client-side software
· Java applets
· Java servlets
· Server-side scripts (ASP, CGI, PHP, C#)
· Complex dynamic HTML pages (DHTML)

The main types of products to be developed are as follows:
· Online databases (including server-side scripts (CGI, ASP)
· Online games (Casino, multi-player games)
· E-commerce applications
· Sophisticated features for Web sites (interactive sites, etc.)
· Other

Web Design And Development
We carry out the full set of work for Web site creation. Principal directions of our activities are as follows:
· Site concept design (content setup, User Controls positioning, etc.)
· Design of pages (colour/fonts theme, etc.)
· Selection and design of site's pictures and graphic elements
· Model pages creation
· Creation of difficult to program site components (site search, chat, forum, guest book, online polls, etc.)
· Selection of necessary  components  to implement on  free programs  or commercial products.
· Site pages creation
· Site assembling
· Site support (addition/alteration of site content, design remaking, HTML-code correcting work, etc.)

Software And Website Testing
Principal directions of our activities are as follows:
· Testing of Win32 (Win95/98, WinNT) applications.
· Testing of Internet applications (via leased lines and dial-up connection)
· Testing of sites (site operation with different OS, browsers, various colour modes and resolutions; testing for validity of links, testing site functionality (forms, guest books, databases, etc.), HTML-code correcting).

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